Onewheel Pint – Sand


There’s no two ways about it: this thing is an absolute riot to whip around town. A OneWheel Pint will quickly turn into your favourite ridable device. In terms of feel, the Onewheel is a near perfect hybrid of snowboarding and longboarding  with just a pinch of jet-ski thrown into the mix (because you need throttle to turn).



Onewheel Pint – Sand

Onewheel Pint is a unique combination of a hoverboard and e-skateboard, The Onewheel Pint! looks like a skateboard cyclops but rides like a snowboard! Getting from A to B has never been cooler. With only one wheel, this hybrid e-skateboard/EUC features tight turns and incredible maneuverability. The large air tire gives you a smooth ride and just the right amount of grip you need to carve and shred the streets in fashion.

TOP SPEED*:~ 26 km/h (16 mph)
MAX RANGE*:~ 13 kms (8 mi)
WEIGHT:10.5 kgs (23 lbs)
NMC MAX LOAD:114 kgs (250 lbs)
SIZE:8.75 x 10.5 x 27 in


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