Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Standard Console Disc Version IN STOCK BRAND NEW

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Product Identifiers
Brand Sony
MPN CFI-1015A, 3005718
UPC 0711719541028
Model Sony PlayStation 5 Blu-Ray Edition
Product Key Features
Platform Sony PlayStation 5
Year Manufactured 2020
Region Code NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)
Storage Capacity 825 GB
Manufacturer Color White
Color White
Connectivity HDMI
Resolution 4K (UHD)
Features Blu-Ray Compatible, Wi-Fi Capability, Internet Browsing
Type Home Console
Weight 11lbs.
Additional Product Features
Release Year 2020
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Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Standard Console Disc Version IN STOCK BRAND NEW

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Platform: Sony PlayStation 5
Brand: Sony MPN: CFI-1015A, 3005718
Connectivity: HDMI Year Manufactured: 2020
Resolution: 4K (UHD) Region Code: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)
Features: Blu-Ray Compatible, Wi-Fi Capability, Internet Browsing Storage Capacity: 825 GB
Type: Home Console Manufacturer Color: White
Model: Sony PlayStation 5 Blu-Ray Edition Color: White
UPC: 0711719541028

6 reviews for Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Standard Console Disc Version IN STOCK BRAND NEW

  1. grolson93

    Still shocked I was able to pick one up on launch day after that bungled pre-order shamble back in September and all the scalpers who are ruining the holidays for a lot of parents and kids alike. Anyway, the set-up was pretty messy, there are lots of little tips they don’t explain to you, especially when setting up a data transfer from your old Ps4.
    They recommend using a LAN cable but this causes issues with the transfer, use Wi-fi. Then for some reason, getting the console to not crash every day is a miracle, it happens at least once daily and seems to be tied to using an external HDD. My advice, unless you are actively playing PS4 games off of one, leave it unplugged until you need it; it just causes problems so leave it out until Sony patches this issue. Transferring games from HDD to the SSD, or vice-versa takes forever for some reason, have no idea why. Now, on to the good stuff, the games!
    They look amazing on next-gen, and the loading times are pretty quick for native ps5 titles. Even in backwards compatibility with ps4 titles that haven’t been patched, the load times are noticeably quicker and if the game featured an unlocked frame-rate or dynamic resolution, the ps5 will max these bounds out to deliver a much better experience. Spider-man Miles Morales is probably the best tech demo out there for the system, as it allows you to have native 4k with ray-traced reflections (for a console, this is pretty impressive to see in action) or choose a performance mode that runs at near 4k with slightly cut down fidelity (you won’t notice in action) and 60fps. The 2018 spiderman also gets a remaster that gives it many of the same features and is super fun to play in next gen. A lot of games are taking this route of offering a choice between high frame rate or high fidelity with 4k and it is refreshing to see devs give their customers the choice between the two.
    All-in all, having owned every iteration of the playstation since the OG, this was the most impressive launch line-up and experience I can remember having. Aside from the technical issues (of which there are plenty) I still find myself extremely impressed on what Sony delivered for $500. The value in that price-tag is pretty undeniable and it is an amazing experience!

  2. grolson93

    Going over hardware and software. Not going over the every exact technical specs as you can easily look that up. Software can change overtime, this is review of software at launch. If any hardware hiccups or failures in near future I’ll update this review


    Looks futuristic yet tacky. In my personal opinion, looks doesn’t really matter as long it can play next gen games well

    Large console. Standing up it’s the tallest home video console.

    A lot of air-vents throughout making it aerodynamic, cool, quiet, and does not overheat or get hot with consecutive gameplay hours. This may change in the future if games require more performance out of the system, with similar fate like the PS4 where it was whisper quiet in beginning and became louder over the years with more graphical intensive games.

    Has LED lights giving it a PC look (?)

    Face plate easy to take out for future customization options (?).

    667of 820gb of free download space in console

    Swapping SDD is not as easy as Xbox Series X (with it’s plug and play method) as you have to remove some screws. Upside is that it’s standard and not a propriety SDD.

    PS5 is compatible with most PS4 games. If you have an external SDD from PS4 it’s just plug and transfer to PS5 internal storage

    Comes with stand. Console is not entirely flat, so stand is required for horizontal position. You have console in vertical position without stand, but does not have grip (rubber feet) so may slide if bumped into or during an earthquake

    Front of console: USB-C, USB-A, power, and eject button

    Back of console: Two USB-A (Super Speed), LAN port, HDMI, and power port

    Wished it had more USB-C ports to be future proof, but guess they kept USB-A for some current accessories to be backwards compatible. Disappointed the PS5 official 3D pulse headset and camera uses USB-A. Also no optical audio port means i can’t use some of my surround sound headsets.

    Load times for PS5 games are instantaneous. Ps4 games will load much faster, even without optimized patch.

    Ps5 have ray tracing giving games realistic lighting effects


    Console comes with one controller

    Physically larger than past DuelShock controllers. Great for those with adult sized hands

    Great tech demo included with ‘Astro’s Playroom’.

    Haptic feedback. Similar to Nintendo Switch HD rumble, but more apparent. Not sure if developers will implement in future their games. Even with Nintendo first party; only ‘1-2 Switch’ and ‘Mario Party’ from what I recall used HD rumble at great extent and it dropped off after that.

    Adaptive triggers. Will feel resistance/push back on triggers if developers implement it in game.

    Hope both Haptic feedback and Adaptive triggers say the entire lifespan and transfer to PS6 instead of dropping off like the six axis on PS3 and light bar in PS4

    Has built in mic. Sound quality is similar to current smart phone on speaker. Has mute button

    Similar to PS4, it has speaker and touch pad. Touch pad is more sensitive this time around

    About double battery life of Ps4 controller. Able to get in 10 consecutive hours

    Wished it came with back paddle buttons. Hopefully they release a DualSense Back Button Attachment like they did the DualShock 4

    You can play PS4 games with DualShock 4 or DualSense . PS5 games only can be played with DualSense


    UI, OS is the similar to PS4 with scrolling apps/games (left, right, up, down)

    There’s an activity row where you can track your progress on games

    Other rows are News and PSN store

    There are notifications popups, but you can turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode

    Similar to phone’s swipe down tool bar for basic profile (trophy list, avatar, user info,etc), accessibility options, sound, Game Base, internet wifi select, controllers (see connected controllers), etc on home screen for easy access.

    ‘Game Base’ section is where you make party with friends and chat with them, view friend requests.

    Share button this time around will pull up menu to take snap shot, record video, or save video previously played game session for up to 60mins

    There’s an ‘Your Accolades’ feature where you give props to other players. Reminds me of how to give endorsements (Sportsmanship, Good Teammate, Shot Caller) in Overwatch to encourage positivity in online community. For PS5 has Helpful, Welcoming, and Good Sport
    There are accessibility options/preferences you can setup that transfers to your games

    There’s a ‘Switcher’ option where you can change games on the fly, but unlike the Xbox Series X’s ‘quick resume’ does not leave where you left off, and will boot you back to the home screen of that game

    Picture-in-picture mode if you want friends to help show you how to get through levels
    PS4 games load faster on PS5 if downloaded to SSD. Graphical upgrade depends on publisher if they implement a ‘PS5 upgrade” patch

    -For PS5 trophies.

    Trophies that have collectables there is a progress bar showing how much left to collect.

    There are also tutorial videos for some games that implement it.

    Some trophies once selected will drop you into the level/section where you can obtain the trophy. Again depends on game developer if they implement it.

    PS4 trophies on PS5 act the same
    Base price for games are $70 ($10 more than last gen); Excluding Special/Collector’s editions, DLC, micro-transactions, loot crates, and surprise mechanics

    Overall, aside from some odd design choices very capable next gen system. There are some features especially on the controller that developers have to utilize and may not be present in all games. If anything like the PS3 and PS4, going to have thousands of gameplay hours on this system.

  3. PearsofWrath

    No issues with the actual console (picked mine up without a hitch early on launch day) and no serious complaints whatsoever.

    Yes it is quite a large console, but I for one love the look of it; it’s the centerpiece of my home entertainment center. Load times are practically nonexistent, although they have slightly resurfaced with the PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077, but that won’t be an issue once the free upgrade to next generation consoles is released.

    Anyway, the dualsense is truly a wonder—the actuators give the controller a phenomenal tactile feel (just play Astro’s Playroom, even just for a minute to get a sense of what the dual sense is capable of) that creates some mind blowing sensations (the controllers are updated frequently though, so if you use a sold separately charging station most of the time, make sure to plug the controller in to the front or back from time to time to update it when necessary).

  4. jessica rush

    OMG I cant belive i finally got my hands on the ps5 woow ,i was dammm scared but i am more than happy now.. I went through a lot of hurdles and failed to acquire one about a dozen times before I got lucky. With that said, they will be more easily obtainable soon, and who knows, Also, some of the really big heavy hitter exclusives like God of War Ragnarok and the new Horizon Zero Dawn aren’t out until mid to late 2021, so there is plenty to look forward to if you aren’t able to grab a console right away.

  5. Lucas Morgan

    The PlayStation 5 takes many steps forward from its predecessor the PlayStation 4. The leap between the PS4 and PS5 is much more substantial than the PS3 to PS4 or even the PS4 to the PS4 Pro.

    Games run beautifully on the next-gen hardware and rarely do I ever experience any crashes or performance issues while gaming even after owning the console for over a week now,i got a brand new still sealed from .If you in need for a brand new always get to them guys


    OMG Great! I bought a USA country region pspfrom and works perfectly and with the correct firmware it can run almost any game from a more than 1,000 titles were relased in all country regions. Without doubt the best console ever..

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